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Walk Across Mass 2014

With Governor Deval Patrick declining to run again at the end of two terms, the 2014 gubernatorial election was up for grabs. The candidates were Republican Charlie Baker, Democrat Martha Coakley, and Independent Evan Falchuk. In October I tied on my shoes, bought a new notebook, and hiked from Williamstown to Provincetown. I followed a similar, but not the same, route as my 2006 walk.

When the walk was finished, I drove to some towns and cities I didn’t get a chance to walk through, like Springfield, Pittsfield, Sandwich, and Leominster, to collect messages from those residents.

In April 2015 I was invited to the State House to meet with Gov. Baker and hand him the books of messages.

Most of my blogging for this trip was done through Twitter, but you can see my website here.  


Baker5 (1)
Meeting with Gov. Charlie Baker, April 2015


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