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Thank You

Thank you to the following people, businesses, groups, and trail angels who go out of their way to make a hard trip a lot easier. In no particular order:

The Chapley Family

The Tower Family

The Casello Family

The Casello – Persson Family

The Nachtigal Family

The Ashworth – Rush Family

The Bish – Martin Family

Leigh Ricci

Bill O’Neill

Ken Johnston (a fellow long-distance walker himself; you can his trek along the Civil Rights Trail here)

Dave Fullerton at Acoustic Java in Worcester

The Marjorie Moser Print & Dye Workshop in Shelburne Falls (and here!)

For about two weeks every summer, crazily talented musicians Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards hike from town to town and play free community concerts in the evenings. For free, for the people, for the music. To invite them to your town gazebo/library/coffee shop, see Massachusetts Walking Tour .

Nancy Lamb and the folks at the Leicester Senior Center 

The leather journal was customized and hand-crafted by a very talented bookbinder named Johanna Henning of Persamond Hot Foil Stamping and Paper Arts.

And to Jena Hardy, for, well, everything.








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