Staying with Bill and his family in Yarmouth. Fresh-caught clams and linguini…. This is how we dinner on Cape Cod (on the patio, naturally).

Walk Across Mass Day 20: Sandwich to Yarmouth. 15 miles. This part of the walk has some of the best homes and gardens. I wish there were a few more sidewalks along 6A, though.

After reaching North Amherst, Ken and I stopped in The Harp for a beer, chicken wings, and the Sox game. One of the patrons is writing his message to the governor.

This spring I built my very first birdhouse. I was pretty happy with it…. But this display at a shop in downtown Sandwich makes me think I have to up my woodworking game.

Walk Across Mass Day 18: Wareham, over the Bourne Bridge, along the Cape Cod Canal, into downtown Sandwich. This says 17 miles but it was actually less (more like 12-ish?). Im very happy to avoid the thunderstorms that were predicted.

Walking over the Bourne Bridge, looking South. The Cape Cod Canal is seven miles long and took five years to build (1909-1914) (Thanks Wikipedia!) For ships leaving the Port of Boston and heading south to New York, it cut off about 62 miles compared to traveling all the way around the outer Cape. During World War I and II merchant ships used the canal to avoid U Boats off the coast of the Cape…

The bridge in the distance is the Bourne Railroad Bridge.

You can see the gray, low hanging clouds in this photo. Severe thunderstorms were predicted and I considered not walking at all today. I’m glad I did. The rain stayed just to the west and the canal was like the border of the north- moving green blob on the radar. Central Mass got pounded, I hear, but this part of the Cape got just the occasonal drizzle. Whew!

Walk Across Mass Day 17: Middleborough to Waregam, Mass. 17 Miles straight along 28 South. Not looking forward to the rain tomorrow.

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