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This is a cool story.

I was plodding along Route 28 and this black SuV pulls up to the side of the highway. The window rols down and there are two women inside. “Hey, we saw your sign on the backpack,” one says . “What are you doing out here?”

I launch my spiel. “My name is BJ Hill and I’m walking across Massachusetts from Williamstown to Provincetown. As you know, this is an election year in the Commonwealth, and I’m asking people I meet along the way to write their own personal message for the gover-”

“Wait,” she says. “Did you do something like this about three or four years ago?”

“Yes,” I said. “For the 2014 election!”

“I remember we saw you in Whitman! We pulled over to talk to you back then.”

Too funny! PJ and Kelly are the first people to randomly meet me on the road, and then randomly meet me on the road again years later. Fate?

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