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The Today Show

So a couple of days again I received an email from The Today Show saying they would like to interview me and talk about my Walk. Here’s how that happened: Al Roker owns a house in NY, just on the other side of the Mass border. Last week he read an article about my walk in the Berkshire Eagle and thought it would be an interesting story for the Today Show. They emailed me and made arrangements to meet when I reached Worcester (which was today). Eight hours of driving around Leicester and Worcester, setting up cams and mikes, interviews, and b-roll filming (“walk down the sidewalk, now turn around, walk back, but slower…”)… I think it went well. There was even a drone involved. The segment will air Thursday July 19 Wednesday July 25 between 8 am and 9 am. Kind of exciting… National news! Thanks to Al and Jared and the crew for coming out. Al Roker has been all around the country, but it was his first time in Worcester.

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