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I spent most of Monday holed up at Kens place working. To give a little perspective on what happens when I’m not actually walking during a Walk, I had. To:

1. Do a phone interview with Scott Merzbach of the Hampshire Gazette

2. Do a phone interview with a segment producer from the NBC Today Show.

3. Contact the four gubernatorial like candidates , three lt. Governor candidates, and two Amherst state rep candidates (I heard back from one of those people)

4. Find places to stay in Norton, Middleborough, and Wareham

5. Figurevoutvthevdetails for a wedding I’m going to this weekend

6. Organize and upload photos from the first week to the website

7. Weed through photos from the ’08 walk a and and forward the best on to the NBC producer.

8. Laundry

I finally finished at the house around 4pm and limped the four miles through the UMass canpus to Main Street. There I hooked up with a photgrapher from the Hampshire Gazette and we talked to folks at Amherst Coffee .

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